Podcast with Supernovahub about designing SlideShare

I was a guest on Christopher Carfi’s podcast for Supernova this morning. We spoke about the design of social systems using SlideShare as a case study. We talked about social networks and the difference between professional and personal identities (read differences between Facebook and LinkedIn approaches). We also discussed object-mediated social sharing sites such as Flickr, YouTube and SlideShare. Was a fun discussion.

Go here listen to the podcast to hear the discussion.

Thanks for the opportunity Chris!

I will be participating in a panel at Supernova on Wednesday at 11 AM (moderated by Dave McClure). Come by!

3 responses to “Podcast with Supernovahub about designing SlideShare

  1. rashmi, was a blast. thanks for taking the time! looking forward to seeing you here at supernova on wednesday.

  2. Rashmi,

    I enjoyed listening to your discussion with Christopher. I am currently co-authoring a book on B2B social media for Wiley and it occurs to me that Slideshare needs to be covered. Can we set up a time to talk? I’d really like to interview you for this book.

    Please advise ASAP.


    Eric Schwartzman


  3. Helo, I’ve used SlideShare before but now you must try PowerShow.com to share and upload your presentations. It’s a lot easier to use and supports more multimedia effects. Here’s the link. Thanks.