I feel like a Mac owner

Whenever I give talk, I am glad about having a laptop with Windows OS and MS applications. Setting up my laptop for projecting is a breeze compared to the kind of problems Mac owners face. Well, I am going to give a talk on Friday. The organizers wanted to know the type of computer and software I would be using, and balked when they heard that I use StarOffice.

I know technically it does not matter what software I am running. The issue is the hardware/OS. But its making the organizer nervous. So here is my solution: I will create my talk with StarOffice presentation, will take it to another computer that has MS Office and save it as a pack and go presentation. Hopefully I will be able to play that on my computer easily. (this has been the first real hurdle that I have faced)

9 thoughts on “I feel like a Mac owner

  1. My Mac laptop has always worked fine when plugging into a projector. Occassionally I have to choose the right screen resolution, but that’s about it. I guess I don’t pay attention to other speakers’ setup problems–what kinds of problems do you see Mac owners have?

  2. I organize a series of talks, and it takes at least twice as long to hook it up to project. Sometimes it takes a while to get the projection system to work with the Mac, sometimes its the screen resolution. Its never not worked. But I do always feel a little on the edge :-)

  3. Hmmm…when I switched from Windows to a Mac (about a year ago, after I left Intel), I was surprised at how easy the Mac was to set up for display on a projector.

    I never really used MacOS 9 though…maybe it hard with the old OS?

  4. Brad, you might very well be right. Come to think of it, I have not much seen problems recently. Its more past experiences that I am referring to.

  5. The old classic Mac OS was crufty here and there for sure… and had its quirks much like pre-Windows 2000 in my experience.

    That said, external displays have never been a big problem (after all an LCD is just another external display). Perhaps it is the fact that most folks use Windows and when they see a Mac they sort of get the willies no matter what. I don’t know but I haven’t had serious issues connecting to any number of external displays.

    Oh. Sorry, hello! I found your site a long time ago, posted it to my work notes blog and just came across it and found the link to AIFIA — looks great! I knew there was a reason to save a link to your site. Thanks.

    How is StarOffice for you? I should read your post and then ask better questions. :)

  6. Peh!

    I think your comments are a little out of date.

    mac laptop+video cable: plug one end in iBook, the other in a monitor or projecter.

    the mac will sense the external device and feed it a video signal. occasionally, the resolution might need to be changed, which is done via a pop-up+select menu on the menubar.

    i hear there were some usability problems with windows 95….

    And??? I hear you ask … and you’d be right.

    Have fun!


  7. The mac is built for ease of use. As far as connecting to a projector is concerned, there is no setup involved. As robin says, one end of the cable goes to the mac and the other end goes to the projector and you are all set to play. Changing the resolution is a simple thing. Of course, it is easy to do the same thing on a Windows laptop too; I’ll grant that.

  8. In my opinion, I think MAC is more user friendly then Windows. For presentations I think its now time for PDA’s , they come with all the required technology.Fire off the presentation off the PDA.

    1) Connecting to the projector
    Projector should be intelligent enough to sync with the resolution of the source.

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