The Global Voices conference at the Berkman Center, Harvard

Later this week I am heading to the Global Voices Online at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Going back to the East Coast is always welcome, and I look forward to reflecting on the DialogNow experience, and how to replicate such a system. Its just about four years since I started Dialognow (it was launched in January 2002, but I started working on it just about this time of the year in 2001).

There are many people at the conference who I look forward to meeting including Hossein Derakhshan who blogs about iran, Joi Ito, and Jeff Jarvis. The conference organizer, Rebecca MacKinnon has put together a very interesting bunch of people together. And to top it all, we are being put up at Irving House, which (along with its affiliate Harding House)is my favorite place to stay in the Boston area.