A new journal for “reflective practitioners”

Now that I am working as a practitioner, I am always on the lookout for journals and conferences that highlight “reflective practice”. Case studies do not have enough “reflection” while academic journals often have nothing to do with questions that one faces during practice.

I heard about a new journal “Journal of research Practice” from one of the editors himself. From the description, it sounds interesting.

Some of the points in their editorial focus statement resonate.

Institutions have flourished across the globe to nurture this kind of activity that has come to be known as research. Research has always remained partly unmanageable, partly deviant, despite historic tendencies to co-opt it into the so-called disciplines, professions, research centres, etc. That propensity of research, to maintain a degree of autonomy…

I would go beyond and suggest that in recent years, the internet has enabled the rise of a new type of internet enabled, independent researcher. I first realized this during my last year at Berkeley – that I could now do the same research on my own. Between subscriptions to a few academic journals, Google and a few trips to Berkeley/Stanford library, I can have access to everything I had while at Brown University or UC Berkeley. I would probably not have left the safe cocoon of academia if not for this realization.

Another thing I like about this new Journal is its explicitly multi-disciplinary focus. And its committment to open access.

Maybe this will inspire me to finally write down my thought about how the concept of validity is broken and a huge bottleneck for applied fields. We need to think about something called Implementable Validity.

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