Usability comes to open source!

No, I am not kidding. Tomorrow is the start of the usabilty sprint in San Francisco. Its a three day event bringing together developers from open-source projects, and several usability professionals.

“In a hands-on clinic format, usability practitioners will work with open source developers and users to make software more intuitive and user-friendly. A number of free/libre/open source (FLOSS) projects, including several nonprofit e-advocacy applications, will be part of the working sessions, putting usability principles to the test.”

Participating projects are

The sprint is the brainchild of Aspiration Tech and Blue Oxen Associates. Eugene Eric Kim from Blue Oxen will be speaking at the upcoming BayCHI about the sprint – so come by to hear all about it next month.

Apart from the participating projects, there are a number of observer projects. Its great to see this sort of interest in usability from open source developers and am thrilled to be part of this event. Hopefully, this will lead to the development of methods and means for usability practices to become an integral part of open-source software development.

For me, this will be a welcome break from consulting projects. Look out for updates posted from the sprint itself.