BayCHI panel on “Recent Innovations in Search”

The search field is heating up again. There have been a spate of innovations and acquisitions by various search companies. Particularly exciting have been innovations in Local Search, Desktop Search, Maps, and Image finding.

I will be moderating a panel at BayCHI on this very topic on April 12th. Panelists include John Battell of SearchBlog, Udi Manber CEO of A9, and Rahul Lahiri VP, Product Management for Ask Jeeves.

I am talking to two more panelists. Look forward to an announcement soon.

Neurobiology of trust

Neuro-economics is a burgeoning field, that I have written about before. Read about a fascinating experiment in trust, using a game scenario like economists often do. The twist is that both the participants are in the fMRI scanner so their brain activity can be watched by scientists.

The terms of the game were like this: “At the beginning of each round, Belur could put up to $20 in play. Any investment automatically tripled. Tang then decided how much to return and how much to keep.

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folksnomy panel at etech 2005

All morning I have been wishing I was at etech. The next best thing is to troll the wiki and see who is posting notes. I even ventured to IRC (#etech) where people are ooh-aahing over Joel’s talk.

Just saw Cory Doctorow’s notes from the folksnomy panel.

This comment by Stewart Butterfield caught my eye:

“The idea that it’s possible to cleave nature at the joints is controversial. Yes, there are countries, Uzbekistan is a country, but ask a physicist or a biologist and the categories are very fraught.”

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Rich Internet Applications BOF at ETech 2005

Jon is moderating a BOF on Rich Internet Applications at ETech this year.

“Javascript Rich Internet Applications (like google maps and oddpost) have burst onto the scene in the last six months, with a host of new applications that communicate asynchronously with the server and thus eliminate “page refresh” from the user experience (using the XMLHttpRequest API). Meanwhile, existing XML-based development frameworks that export SWF files (like Lazslo and FLEX) are gaining traction.

What are the trends in RIA development? Will 2005 be the year of the RIA? How does design change when we move from the location-based metaphor of the web to the application-like flow of an RIA? Which technology approach offers the most benefits, and what are the tradeoffs? And do users even find value in RIAs?

Feel free to bring a laptop with your software installed if you have an RIA you’d like to demo.”

Mark this on your calendar if you are headed to ETech this year. Go to Jon’s site to find out more.