Designing for the Google generation

I just spent a few days watching people use a search interface for a site (lets call it Site X for now). What stuck with me the most was how different the design challenge was if the user was of the “Google generation”. Everyone showed the Google carry over effect – expectancy of high relevance, fast searches. But for undergraduates who had grown up with Google, it was as if that was the only experience they could deal with. Anything else was too complex, too slow, too not Google.

Take Participant Y (Lets call her Susanne). Susanne is an undergraduate in a California University. She needs to find some information on Site X – she knows it houses some special types of information, not found anywhere else. She does not know much about this topic.

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BayCHI event: Evan Williams and Milton Chen

For the June BayCHI program meeting, we will focus on the mass amateurization of publishing and communications technology, with speakers Evan Williams (currently of Odeo), and Milton Chen of VSee lab. Evan will talk about creation tools for regular people while Milton will talk about how video conferencing can become ubiquitous.

It should be an interesting evening. Come by on the 14th of June, 7.30 PM., to PARC, Palo Alto.