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baychiWe just started releasing the talks as Podcasts. I was going to wait till we have more podcasts online before writing about it, but it was mentioned this morning in New York Times article on Podcasting (Steve Williams, the BayCHI volunteer who did a lot of work for making this happen, is quoted at the bottom of the article.) So, now that the whole world know…

There are 5 talks currently available – Steve is painstakingly working through our years of talks (thanks Steve!)…

-July 12th, 05
Scott Weiss: Mobile Media Download Usability: The Experience Running A Large-Scale Comparative Study

Paul Braund: Information and Communications Technologies Development at the Edge of the Network Society

-June 14, 05

Milton Chen: Experiments in Desktop Videoconferencing

Evan Williams: Modularization, Web Applications, and Why (User Experience) Designers Will Rule the World

-May 10, 05
Scott Berkun: What To Do When Things Go Wrong: Saving Design Train Wrecks

4 thoughts on “BayCHI talks as podcasts

  1. It’s not a podcast unless it has an RSS feed with hte enclosure element pointing to the MP3. You can use software like WordPress to create that automatically.

  2. Matt, I passed on your comment to Steve who put together for podcasts for BayCHI. He knows more about this issue.

    As a note, sooner or later we are planning to integrate blogs into the BayCHI site. We have pretty specific needs since its an event management site – but we also want to make it the focus of the conversation about the event. If you have any similar examples of WordPress usage, let us know.

  3. Hey, Matt, thanks for your comment. I love WordPress. It’s the tool we’re looking at to set up blogs on the BayCHI web site.

    I think BayCHI’s podcast RSS feed qualifies. It’s a hand-rolled feed, driven by out event database, but it seems to validate. I hope we got it right!

    Look for the orange “XML” button on the podcast page. I guess we need to make it more prominent! Here’s the link:

    BayCHI has several other RSS feeds without enclosures, updated whenever one of our event pages is updated.

    Let us know if our RSS isn’t up to par!

  4. Sorry, your feed looks great and works fine here. I had missed it because for some reason I was looking for it on the calendar page instead of the podcast page. If you ever need any help with WP let me know.

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