Going to BlogHer!

Initially skeptical, I am now totally caught up in the excitement of going to BlogHer. Its a conference about blogging and women, but I don’t quite know what to expect. Will there be discussions about why women are not more visible in technology? Or why statistics show that women are leaving technology? To be honest, the specific sessions are not that important to me. Whats great is that BlogHer is happening, and so many women are excited to be meeting there, and thinking about quintessential women’s issues such as what to wear to the conference!

And yes, I will be blogging from BlogHer. Tomorrow night is the first event – the Pre-conference dinner.

7 thoughts on “Going to BlogHer!

  1. Most of the conferences I go to have really boring names: CHI, IA Summit, DUX…

    You are up early!

  2. Hey Beth, Strangely, I had seen your blog before the conference, and found it very interesting. And I am associated with Global Voices as well, though have not done any posting on the blog recently.

    We should definitely meet at the next BlogHer, if not before!

  3. Dear Rashmi ,

    I read ur BLOG , It quite intresting . I am too in Teaching JOB but with an engineering college at NOIDA . I am quite young approaching 30 , so a lot of IDEA , how we can deliver our lecture in a better way .

    Nice to meet you

    Ranjan Rituraj

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