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I spent the first few years of my life in Calcutta. It’s a big, crowded city, a paradise for people watching – for those who enjoy that. We lived in a small street that overlooked a bigger one, and one of my early memories is sitting at the front window, watching the world go by. It was aimless and yet so enjoyable. I could do that for hours. Its the feeling you get sitting in a sidewalk cafe in New York or another big city. You observe people go by. Ever so often, someone seems more interesting, and your eyes follow that person longer. But soon you return to watching the people go by.

Lately, I have experienced that feeling again. When I have some idle time, I go to the front page of and look at what’s passing through. I refresh to see new bookmarks replace the old ones. A few times, I have even seen something I wrote pass by. More often, I recognize a bookmark that’s the talk of the day. I might be curious enough to take a peek at the article. But I return quickly. Because this is not about finding interesting content, ego-surfing, or what my friends have bookmarked. It’s mostly about seeing content float by. It was interesting to someone, somewhere. So for a brief, ephemeral moment it’s there at the top of, and it has my attention. And then it’s instantly displaced.

It’s simply about watching the web go by, one bookmark at a time.

Never change the frontpage of, Joshua.

2 thoughts on “Watching the world go by on

  1. hmm. thats tempting. I would probably spend even more time on…

    Is that in the offing?

    That would be closer to the sidewalk cafe experience, I wonder if it could be a little disorienting though.

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