Of running and sprained ankles

I have been getting more and more into running recently. Mostly I go along Stevens Creek, slowly increasing the number of miles I run. Yesterday was my first real running injury – the left ankle is pretty badly sprained. So, I am immobile for the time being, which has its brighter side – I cannot make it to the office or to any meetings! Its going to be a weekend of books and web surfing – I am finally getting around to reading Wisdom of Crowds, and just started with Martin Amis’s Money.

5 thoughts on “Of running and sprained ankles

  1. That reminded me of a quote: “Illness is our modern-day sabbatical”

    Bad ankle sprains can be miserable — take your time to heal! I’ll send good vibes over

  2. Thanks. Seems like I am not going to be running for a while, which is a real bummer :-( Otherwise its been kind of fun being waited on.

  3. though ankle injuries take more time to heal, they can’t beat a runner’s spirit. start using ankle sleeves when you get back to running.

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