TagCamp and other things of note

I am headed to TagCamp later today. Its in Palo Alto, so there is not that much heading to do. I was atBarCamp as well, and like these self-organizing type of events. The participant list for TagCamp looks great. There are so many things to talk about that I am having a hard time deciding among them. Here are the topics I am considering.

  • Continue with analysis of tagging/categorization from a cognitive perspective and its implications
  • Tagging and the Practice of Information Architecture: How tagging is complementary to current practices in Information Architecture. How can both work together?
  • Better findability with tags: Clusters, Facets and Collaborative Filtering
  • Session focused on Collaborative Filtering and Tagging
  • Will tagging scale? Will it move beyond early adoptors? How to make that happen

These are the topics I am considering and unable to decide between. What sounds the most interesting? Feedback welcome.

On another note, just in case you want to know more about what I think about blogs and blogging, read this interview by Rebecca Blood. Her insightful questions forced me to think about why I blog (and face upto the fact that I really wanted to be a writer!).

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