Upcoming talk on creating simple software in a geek-driven culture (the Firefox experience)

Terry Winograd runs an excellent series of talks on HCI at Stanford. This Friday, he is featuring a talk by Blake Ross and Asa Dotzler of the Mozilla foundation. This is a topic I have discussed in numerous discussions with my open-source friends – how Firefox does it (create user-friendly software), and how other open-source projects can learn from it? I look forward to finally learning more. More information about the class here. And here is the title and abstract:

TITLE: Creating simple software in a geek-driven culture
Two years ago, the Mozilla Foundation resembled most other open-source organizations: it was slow, technology-oriented, and allergic to consumers. Today, the Mozilla Corporation develops, distributes and promotes the first open-source product ever to penetrate the mainstream: Firefox was downloaded over 100 million times in less than one year. We will look at how Mozilla transformed its development practices, economic models,

4 thoughts on “Upcoming talk on creating simple software in a geek-driven culture (the Firefox experience)

  1. Your thorough GoogleBase review got me here and I have been clicking links ever since :) Nice blog.

    How was the HCI talk? Are any of the presentation materials available online? Sounds interesting…

  2. I’m sorry, this is totally irrelevant to the post.
    i did not find a way to contact u otherwise.

    i just wanted to know about Rapid Prototyping!
    what is it in UI design?
    How different is it from normal prototype?
    (a html page in case of a website)

    If you have time, kindly let me know about it.
    i tried googling and all in vain… i am not able to get a clear information.


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