Mountain View to get free wi-fi (courtesy Google)!

So the city I live and work in is going to get free wi-fi from Google. Google had made this proposal a while back. The Mountain View city Council just approved the deal. So, by June we might have city-wide free wi-fi. (As a note, between the planned NASA campus and free wi-fi, Google is increasingly making its presence felt in Mountain View).

Apparently, Google already has a test center for their wi-fi at Kapp’s Pizza Bar & Grill on Castro Street in Mountain View. IMO, a better choice would be Dana Street Cafe. Its really the best place to get a cup of coffee and hang-out in this area (its also right next to our office!). They already have free wi-fi (courtesy Live555), but the connection can be spotty. If I did not have to charge up my laptop periodically, I would probably never leave (weirdly they don’t let you power up, even though they have free wifi).