Yahoo acquires my favorite web service (yes, I am referring to!

This is good news! I have been vacillating between putting more energy into Yahoo MyWeb2.0 or waiting for to have groups. Now, I no longer need to make this decision.

Here is Joshua’s take.

I hope that Yahoo will let be in the same way that they let Flickr be. I think they can be trusted to.

This also highlights what is becoming increasingly obvious – that Yahoo is on a different path than Google – their vision of the web is much more social, people-oriented. And they are executing well on that strategy – both through their acquisitions, and what they are building themselves. I must say I am impressed.

(more thoughts later)

One thought on “Yahoo acquires my favorite web service (yes, I am referring to!

  1. I absoluetley agree. It is a pity that Yahoo happily collaborates with repressive regimes with “evidences” to put into jail journalist. That’s is also social!!!
    That’s why I0m olooking for another service siliar to delicious.

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