Visualizations on Valentine’s Day

BayCHI monthly program is always on the second Tuesday. This time the second Tuesday happens to be Valentine’s Day. We are going to have a shorter than usual program and will also have some Valentine’s day goodies (chocolates etc. around).

The tagline is: Bring a date or meet someone new! (For the record, that was not my idea)

We have a great program on one of my favorite topics – Visualization. Jock Mackinley from Tableau Software will give a talk on “Visual Interfaces for databases”.

This will be followed by several short visualization demos: Josh On will demo the TheyRule – one of my favorite visualization engines. Michal Migurski & Eric Rodenbeck from Stamen will demo some of their work: I am hoping it will include Mappr and Vow Delici.

One more visualization demo is yet to be announced.

I am thinking of asking one or more of the presenters to cook up a visualization- something to do with Valentine’s Day. Any other thoughts on how we could touch upon THE day in our program. Crazy ideas are welcome.

So, if you fancy spending some time on Valentine’s Day viewing some brilliant visualization work, then come by to BayCHI that evening… Also, is there some visualization you would like to see. I don’t want to make the program longer, but if there is somthing absolutely must see – then drop me an email.