Off to SXSW!

Just heading off to the airport to catch a flight to Austin. This is my first time at SXSW. Really excited to go there finally. I will be participating in a panel on Tagging. The panel is on Sunday March 12th, 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM in Ballroom E.

Other participants are
Don Turnbull, Univ of Texas at Austin
Adina Levin, Socialtext
Prentiss Riddle,
Thomas Vander Wal, InfoCloud Solutions Inc

Don Turnbull, Univ of Texas at Austin

I am going to talk about tagging as the intersection of the personal and the social. And how tagging approximates the wisdom of crowds better than many other social systems on the web. And some things that designers of tagging systems should keep in mind.

Come by and say hello if you are headed there as well. I will probably be feeling a litle lost since I have not been there before!