My slides for Tagging 2.0 panel at SXSW

Just wrapped up with the Tagging panel at SXSW. I talked about “Tagging: From Personal to Social”. I was the last speaker, and there were only 10 minutes left for my presentation. I spoke really fast but managed to get through most of the presentation. You can find the Powerpoint file for my presentation here. Not sure how much sense it makes without the talk, but several people asked me for it, so here it is. Thanks to everyone who came up and gave feedback. And feel free to followup here if you did not get a chance to ask questions.

4 thoughts on “My slides for Tagging 2.0 panel at SXSW

  1. Hi Rashmi, I attended the panel session and really enjoyed it, especially your presentation! It’s too bad you only had 10 minutes. I liked how you related tagging to natural cognition and argued that the user burden should be as low as possible and making sense out of the metadata universe should happen at the search stage, within the context of the kind of search being performed. “Capture everything, sort it out later” definitely makes sense for both user adoption and purity of metadata –to fully realize collective crowd wisdom as well as let search methods decide how to best use the data, rather than imposing an artificial structure on the front-end. Thanks for posting the slides. I’ll be subscribing to this site’s RSS to keep up with your work. Cheers!

  2. Hi Rashmi,

    I was also at your presentation and thought it was fantastic. In addition to the overview on the cognitive framework of tagging, the tips for tag designers was great. This leads me to a question. One of your tips “Don’t make navigation all about the most popular, most tagged…” – what are some alternative ways to filter that you might suggest? Or is it even about the filtering at all? Thanks in advance.


  3. I’ve found your graphics on categorization vs. tagging, and from personal to social (pages 3, 4, 5) to be great tools for introducing tagging to colleagues who haven’t heard of delicious, flickr, etc. I’m using those graphics in a presentation I’m giving to some people at our University this week.

    Thanks for the excellent work at explaining tagging from a cogpsi perspective.

    Fitzgerald Steele

    PhD Candidate, Human Factors, Univ. of Iowa

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