Off to IA Summit

I am posting this from the airport – heading to Vancouver for the IA Summit just as soon as the airplane starts boarding. This is my first time at Vancouver which I am very much looking forward to. And apart from any talks that I might attend, IA Summit is a time for meeting friends and catching up. Its the conference I know the most people at and feel the most home at.

I have two events that I will be participating in. One is a panel on Tagging and Beyond: Personal, Social and Collaborative Information Architecture. I will be participating with people whose views I respect a great deal: Gene Smith, Danah Boyd, Scott Golder and Mimi Yin. I will be talking about the issues I talked about at SXSW.

My other event is a talk. I submitted it as “Sorting in an age of tagging“, but its subtitle could be “A Social Manifesto for Information Architecture” or “The missing chapter in the Polar Bear book”. I am still putting the talk together, but mostly I want to talk about how the “social” is such a crucial part of information architecture, and how the web is not just about designers creation information structures that users navigate, but also about groups of people creating a social reality together. Their exploration and play happens in these worlds that they create and inhabit. How does the role of the designer change? What are the information architecture problems and solutions?

For once I am planning to blog from the conference. So wait for some posts on the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Off to IA Summit

  1. I very much enjoyed your contributions to the tagging “memecloud” at the conference. The panel discussion on Monday ended up being really outstanding — the two hours flew by too quickly.

    I’m also happy that I stayed around long enough to catch your solo presentation on Monday afternoon. Are your slides going to be available? I’m afraid my note-taking abilities were severely impaired that late in the summit…

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