My slides for IA Summit panel and talk

Some of you asked me for the slides for the IA Summit presentations – Here they are. I had a great time at the panel – lots of questions. Seemed like people in the room enjoyed themselves. The sldies for the panel are similar enough to SXSW, so just download that. I am working on a detailed writeup of my contribution to the panel, and will try to post that as well.

And here are the slides from my talk: Sorting, Tagging and Social Information Architecture. The talk was somewhat rambling – I tried to put into perspective the recent disenchantment with hierarchies, the rise of tagging, and how many current trends show the need for IA’s to focus on Social Information Architecture.

Update: Christian Crumlish did an excellent job of taking notes on my talk.

I really enjoyed how people spoke up and added their own perspective. Though I must confess that I most enjoyed Thomas’s contributions about stalking 2.0!

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