The tax

I was IM’ing with my cousin in India, showing her to use She just started her first job as a researcher and needs to keep track of various research services she uses. I explained to her all about tags, and how you can see what others thought of same url. After she had saved a few urls and some oohs and aahs over tags and watching others, she asks – “and how do I remember this url? it is really hard to remember!”

What delicious irony in that the url we use to remember our other urls is so hard to remember. Its almost as if some of the mental energy freed up by offloading all other urls is taken up by remembering how to spell Its the tax! I for one am glad to pay it.

6 thoughts on “The tax

  1. Ok, that took less than an hour to find out that I was paying the tax for no reason. Thanks Nik.

  2. I had the same problem until I build the following mind-bridge: del and us are on the outside. The rest (spell delicious here – still difficult) is on the inside.

  3. Hmm, I used to think that remembering wasn’t hard. But now that I know about, it seems dead easy!

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