Announcing DCamp an unconference focused on design & user experience

I am excited to announce that DCamp the first BarCamp type ad-hoc, unconference focused on design & user experience will be held in Palo Alto, on May 12th & 13th.

From the time I attended the first BarCamp, I have wanted to go to one that focused on design issues. Several others at BayCHI shared the enthusiasm. Chris Messinahelped us think through our ideas and we got the ball rolling. Others joined in – now we have a date, location, a wiki and a mailing list. Add yourself to the wiki if you would like to attend, help sponsor, or organize the event.

Why the name DCamp
D is for designers and D is for developers. We hope that this event will attract both designers, developers and anyone else who cares about the user experience. We hope that we will address issues of mutual concern together under the same roof and help build connections between the various communities that care about User Experience.

Location & Date
Its on Friday May 12th (6 PM to ~) and May 13th (8 AM to ~). Social Text has kindly volunteered its offices for the event. They are also trying to identify nearby overflow spaces.

Is the event free?
Yes, we are going to depend on sponsors for the event. We will probably have a small suggested donation. This does mean that we need sponsors, especially for the various meals and social events. We welcome all types of contribution – from $10 to sponsoring the big Friday party!

Who will decide the DCamp program?
This depends on you. If you think you have something to share, please add your name to the wiki to the list of presenters and the topic.

Should I register if I want to attend?

You are not required to register, but you are strongly encouraged to… We are making arrangements for food and other things and it would be really helpful to know how many people will be there. So please add your name to the wiki. Update it as needed (if you find out that you cannot make it after all, then remove your name.

Sponsoring the event
We need your help in finding sponsors for the various meals and other expenses. And we especially need sponsors for Friday and Saturday night! If you/your company want to contribute, please add your name to the wiki. Talk to your company about sponsoring DCamp.

Organizing the event
Event organization is happening on this mailing list. Join it if you are interested in helping organize it. Go to the wiki. Add information as appropriate. Help spread the word about DCamp. Blog about it. Help make DCamp a success.

Logo & t-shirts

We need a logo! Please try making some logos. We will decide which one (if we get multiple contributions) on the mailing list.
Also, I am personally committed to t-shirts that women enjoy wearing. Don’t worry, we will have male t-shirts too – just want to make sure that we have women’s sizes, cuts, and designs that women feel like wearing. We really need someone to help make this happen.

Spreading word about DCamp
Use the term DCamp as a tag when blogging, or on or flickr type systems.

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