Follow CHI 2006 through

A few of us felt that CHI needed an unofficial blog. The official one does a great job of being the “official” voice. But we wanted something that we could have fun with – post things that were not very official. The blog is mostly an aggregator – aggregating conversation, pictures etc. But a few of us are posting. Go check it out. Its just for the conference, so a few days after CHI, we will kill the blog off!

While its mostly an aggregator, some of us of us are posting. Currently thats Mor Naaman, Rick Boardman, Jared Spool and myself.If you are not at CHI, then you can follow the conference through the blog. We will be posting all day.

If are at CHI and want to post, the drop me a line and I will add you to the blog authors.

While the goal is mostly to have fun, this is also an experiment in aggregating conversation from around the web for a very short time. What works, what does not work? What are the challenges? The way that people come together for a short time in a space for a conference – in the same way, can you create a hub for a conference over a very short period of time?