Dcamp is happening. Are you going to be there?

DCamp, the unconference devoted to design and user experience is this Friday and Saturday. So far 160 people have signed up on the wiki to indicate they will come by. There are several interesting presentations lined up. Topics range from “Cinematic User Experience” (Sarah Allen), to Ajax spreadsheet demos (Andre Charland) to Redesigning eBay Selling Process (Micah Alpern) to Prototyping with Junk (Nancy Frishberg). Go here for the complete list.

We are hoping that a lot more of you will present, facilitate discussions, organize informal panels, demostrate your latest application. If you are coming by to DCamp, do consider doing one of the above. Or create your own event type. This is an unconference. Feel free to try something new, different, both in terms of format or topic. We will have 1/2 hour slots. If you want to do something longer, take over two.

I will be doing a presentation on Remote User Research Methods and demoing MindCanvas. This is the first time I will be talking about MindCanvas in public, so rather excited about that. Am also thinking of co-facilitating a discussion on “Designing the Social Web”.

If you have any ideas or questions about DCamp sessions, add a comment below.

See you on Friday!

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