DCamp carpool, sessions and answers to other questions

I have been getting a bunch of questions about DCamp. Am going to update this thread as I get more questions.

Is there a carpool?
There is a carpool going with people requesting / offering rides from San Francisco, East Bay, Half Moon Bay and from Orange County!

What about parking? There is some information about parking in the area around Social Text here.

What type of presentation should I think about? It does not need to be a talk (though talks are welcome, but other formats are encouraged as well). Think of leading a discussion on an interesting topic, maybe getting an informal panel together, or do a demo. Sessions slots are half hour. Take over two if you want to do a discussion or something of the sort and need longer.

Will there be simultaneous sessions? Yes, there will be multiple simultaneous sessions. How many? At least 2-3. We have more space if we need. We are designating one space as appropriate for doing more interactive exercise (such as the Prototyping with Junk session by Nancy Frishberg). If you want to do something like that, please go ahead. There will be at least two spaces with projectors in case you want to go that route. And we will have flipcharts and post-it posters etc. available.

Is there overnight camping?
Yes, you can camp at SocialText on Friday night. We know of at least one person who is planning to camp. Bring your sleeping bag if you would like to camp. Note, there will be no camping on Saturday evening.

If you have any questions, post them here. I will update the post as I get more…

One thought on “DCamp carpool, sessions and answers to other questions

  1. I’m attending DCamp. First time at such an event. Looking around at SocialText’s Wikki. First time I’ve been on (is that the term?) a Wikki. Came across your bio, and am about to move on to explore more Wikki, but wanted to say I appreciate your taking the time, trouble and soul-searching necessary to put something like this together.

    Don’t know if I’ll get back to this page (still learning my way around the Wikki and unsure of my navigation skills) so … thanks.


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