Missing DCamp already?

Well some people were. So there is a reunion dinner tonight in the city. I have too much to do before leaving for Edinburgh for the World Wide Web conference on Friday, so cannot make it. But its rather touching to see a reunion two days after Dcamp. If you could not make it, but want to keep in touch with folks you met at DCamp, join the DCamp mailing list. We had started it to help organize the event, but its now going to serve as an informal way for people to keep in touch, organize reunions, other events, or for anyone else looking to organize a DCamp in their city.

I have a lot more to write about DCamp and organizing unconferences, but need to catch up with some work. So that will have to wait. Enjoy some pictures in the meantime.

One thought on “Missing DCamp already?

  1. Thanks Rashmi for tireless effort in getting dcamp off the ground!! It was my first camp altogether and was such a positive experience. Besides some wonderful group discussions, I reaped some great connections. It was the best and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your fine work in making this happen!! I am missing it too!

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