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I don’t generally post job positions on my blog, but this seems to be at the intersection of two themes of this blog (Social Software and Design) and so of possible interest to readers. I have spent some time looking at Yahoo Answers recently, and I must say I am intrigued. In a sense, it seems like a larger (which I am addicted to), except with a larger, more diverse community and pockets of groups, rather than one large group. Unlike many of the other cool Yahoo social sites (, & upcoming), its actually built in house, and rebuts the notion that Yahoo is just buying the cool social software startups.

Here is the description from Paulien Strijland, who is the main contact for this position.

Yahoo! Is looking for a Lead Designer for the Yahoo! Answers product. Our vision is to “Enrich people’s lives by enabling them to Find, Use, Share, and Expand all Human Knowledge”. We need a strong Design Lead, who can think strategically while executing with great eye for detail, to help us accomplish that vision. “Better Search through People” is one aspect of this vision, and Yahoo! Answers is a key product in this brand-new space. Yahoo! Answers is growing quickly to become the best place on the internet to show off what you know, and tap into other people’s knowledge. This is a great opportunity to work on a product that impact millions of people and has the potential to change the way people use the internet. This is the perfect position for someone who likes to think big, but who also wants to be involved in the final execution of the product. Check out, and a detailed job description at

315. Please send any questions about this position and or resumes and portfolios to: Paulien AT yahoo-inc DOT COM

I am posting this as an experiment. I get a lot of emails about jobs (I often think that the best way to find a job is to start consulting!). Sometimes the positions seem quite well targeted to anyone who reads this blog.

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Answers looking for lead designer

  1. I should add that I did not take any sort of payment for posting this job position. I simply did this because I felt it was somewhat relevant.

  2. Well personally I think Yahoo Answers is an AMAZING concept. BUT, it is being ruined by people who post stupid questions or questions that can be easily resolved with a simple search.

    In fact that is the reason why Yahoo shows search results when you type a question! And it also shows similar questions recently as you type your question. This was done as users posted duplicates of stupid questions.

    I am head admin at Scrabulous – – where users can play Scrabble online. I answered a few questions about Scrabble online and the next day I get the same questions by new users! These are the types who spoil the site sometimes.

  3. Okay rashmi i like what you are doing here and i think that many things will come to you cause for a good deed ,result come automatically.And you know rashmi you are a lead designer and world need your kind of lead designer .

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