Speaking at the Webvisions conference about “Designing for Social Sharing”

Heading to Portland tomorrow to give a talk at Webvisions. I really like Portland and have been saving up my book buying for a trip to Powells. I will be giving a talk on Social Sharing. Its about social media, emergent information architecture, networks, wisdom of crowds and tagging. Its inspired by some work that we have done with web video and other media sharing recently. Below is the abstract. I will “share” the slides for the talk after the event (I always work on my slides till the last moment!).

Designing for Social Sharing

ABSTRACT: In recent months, a term that has become increasingly popular is “social search”. In this talk, I will argue that we should be designing for social sharing instead of for social search. In order for Page-Rank based search to work, we need people to create hyperlinks to web documents that they feel like linking to. Similarly, in order for social search to work, we need people to share their information, media, opinions and preferences. I will discuss tagging systems such as Flickr & del.icio.us, and media sharing sites such as YouTube as models for the design of participatory systems.

I will discuss three trends that designers working with such systems should think about. First of all the web has evolved from its geeky roots and become a social sphere for a large number of people. People have become used to living their lives on the web, to writing, linking, sharing, and networking online. The second is the rise in popularity of online games that can serve as inspiration for design of such systems. People spend hours playing all sorts of games on the web. With the rise of massively multiplayer online games, millions of people have become used to playing with each other in an alternate space, across geographical boundaries. The third trend is the rise of rich interfaces that update in real time and make the user experience richer and seamless. This allows for systems that update in real time giving you a glimpse of others in the system.

I will trace these three threads and how they can come together in the design of such systems. I will present several principles for the design of such systems, such as serving the individuals goal, creating a symbiotic relationship between the personal and the social; designing to support creative self-expression and emergent behavior.

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  1. Slides coming very soon! I am trying out a new way of sharing them (using a very cool flash format).

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