My slides for WebVisions: Designing for Social Sharing

Here are my slides for the Webvisions talk. The talk pulled together a lot of threads that I have been thinking about recently. How social sharing is happening on the web (tagging is but one way of social sharing. There are several other ways, e.g., viral sharing at YouTube). How massively multiplayer games can design of such social apps. And finally, how rich interfaces (yes, I am talking about AJAX) fit in and bolster these trends. Some people who attended the talk had some kind words. Below are my slides for the talk. Enjoy!

I would love your thoughts / feedback. Post a comment below or drop me a line.

19 thoughts on “My slides for WebVisions: Designing for Social Sharing

  1. Very cool. I’m curious what do you mean by forget the iPod? Is it because the iPod doesn’t enable sharing or community-building (every iPod user is in their own world)?

  2. If you have any problems viewing the slides, please email me or post a comment. Its using Flash to embed slides, so check that you have Flash on your system. I am using a new method of embedding and and still working out the kinks in the process. So your feedback helps!

  3. Noor,
    You are exactly right. ipod and other Apple products are often held up as the epitome of good design. My point is that good design in the social domain is very different (also I think that Apple does not get “social” design at all. All of its products have a strong individualistic bent, with few hooks for sharing). So no point in looking there for inspiration when you are designing for the social web experience.

  4. You said:
    ” I am using a new method of embedding and and still working out the kinks in the process.”

    Please share the details of this technique – i give many presentations around the world and If I could post them in my blog – like you have done here – I could serve my students better.

    Please tell us – how did you do this – I see javascript tag and that is it. Works great in Safari!

    Robb Montgomery

  5. Excellent slides, I would love to see the presentation that goes with them. What kind of tool is it that you use to embed your slides?

  6. Great slides. A couple of comments:

    1 – Although I agree that the iPod and other Apple products are designed (I would say elegantly) for individual use, I would argue that the software that underlies much of their product cache and brand facilitates social interaction between users (e.g. iTunes playlists and gifting, widgets, the incorporation of the iSight camera as a standard element in all new macs, and a lot of the new features of the coming release of OS X “Leopard”). I would also argue that the key to facilitating social interaction and emerging value from that interaction is first the design and implementation of an optimized personal user interface. Apple is great at this, much better than Microsoft, unsurprisingly since Apple is essentially a high design consumer products company and branded elegant design is perhaps their primary competitive differentiator.

    2 – You seem mostly interested in how individuals interact, and this is great. Do you have any thoughts regarding how groups interact? Personally, I think that this may be the next wave since there is a lot of data that suggests that human groups tend to optimally organize as small groups where personal interaction is tractable (e.g. the old HP organizational model). Wouldn’t this suggest the importance of understanding and designing for the next higher order organization, “intra-group” interaction? I haven’t seen anyone doing anything in this area yet except an early stage client of mine.


  7. Rashmi,

    Slides appear on my Firefox on Mac OSX 10.4.8. I have Adobe Flash Player 9.

    But I looked at the source and just find an tag. Wondering if works on all browsers?

    Why not just use tag, that works in IE and rest of Mozilla based browser.

    I am also curious to know what version of Adobe Flash Player is required to play these slides? May folks who can’t see slides have lower version player…

    I think, users should be offered two versions of embed code. May be advanced user might want to use SWFObject. In somewhere UI (which I have not seen), you can have that option..


  8. I also feel that there should be a button somewhere in Slideshare player to make it fullscreen or some larger screen. I see some of slides are so compressed (in dimension) it’s hard to read the text or charts.

    Something like YouTube!, Google! Player does….


  9. hi this appears to be a great thing and that it comes to the world from india makes me proud.

    however i find most of the linking sites to be a criminal waste of time. while social sharing seems a very powerful term i am not sure if u have realised what this could mean.. howevr this is a great start.. i look forward to contributing in whatever way possibelto take social sharing to as high an existence as possible .. such that it is not supreme but pervades like the all pervading medium ether..

    however right at this stage my conception of social sharing .. is different from socialising sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and slides) on this particular topic, I became quite interested in this matter in the past few months. Social sharing and social web in general seems to be an almost endless source of ideas and research fields – I am planning to immerse deeper into this highly fascinating conglomerate of psychology, sociology and technology!

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