The Indian startup scene gets interesting: follow it with Webyantra

7_06_facets.jpgI have been meaning to write about this for a while. Amit, who heads the Uzanto team in India started a new blog on the Indian web products scene called Webyantra (the word Yantra literally means an instrument of means. From wikipedia: “The yantra is like a microcosmic picture of the macrocosm. It is a focusing point and an outer and inner doorway”). This blog has changed my view of the Indian startup scene. If you follow newspapers, magazines about the tech scene in India, or even some of the big blogs like Om Malik or Content Sutra who write about India, you will hear about what the big service companies (Infosys, Satyam) are doing. You will also hear about the wheelings and dealings of the broadband, or mobile market. What you will not about is the small startups, the new tech entrepreneurs, the people starting new web services for the Indian market, or the two person teams starting up in their living rooms (the whole garage thing is less common in India).

Overall the feeling I get is that of a nascent startup scene, entrepreneurial activity, many people giving up the relative safety of jobs (this one is surprising!) to pursue a small startup. I discern three types of startups in this midst.
a) Companies creating web products and services for the Indian market (MeraSnap, Pune360)
b) Companies creating web products and services for an International market (Zoho)
c) US based companies with an Indian team working on the product (Riya,, MindCanvas)

Webyantra has also become a hub of conversation about such topics. Amit’s latest post about social bookmarking sites in India has an active discussion about the different styles of social bookmarking in India, and a heated discussion about whether one of the popular Indian bookmarking sites is a porn site.

While on the subject of India and startups, we (Uzanto) are looking for engineers in India. If you are a geek and looking to work in a cool startup then drop me a line. We are looking for bright, motivated people – having an active web presence, participation in open source projects are things we value way more than degrees (previous work experience is nice, but not required). Apart from MindCanvas, you will be working on another cool Web 2.0ish product, and getting experience at AJAX, Ruby, and the other technologies the cool kids are using nowadays! We build products with a focus on design and user experience, so we especially like engineers who have an eye for design.

5 thoughts on “The Indian startup scene gets interesting: follow it with Webyantra

  1. I was fortunate enough to meet Amit while he was in Chennai for attending the BarCamp. A cool guy! Webyantra is sure a nice blog to follow if you want to know about the web companies in India.

  2. Arvind,

    I am rather curious about Zoho itself. How did the whole idea of Zoho come about? Most of the other Indian web product companies are startups. You are only one that is located inside a larger (more traditional) Indian tech company.

    If you can share a little about how Zoho works that would be great.

  3. nameste.
    i was reading your articles,and trying to understand lot of things,i am an artist and a film maker.i would like to know more,would be browsing often.
    read your bio.longer one and it was very inspiring,congratulations for all your achievements and good luck for all you do.
    love your passion of writing!!!


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