Slideshare our new social app is on Techcrunch!

So its finally out – the other project that we (at Uzanto) have been working on. And its starting its life with being Techcrunched!

The process of sharing slides is broken. It goes from my hard drive to yours via email. Or if I put it online, its in a clunky format like pdf or Powerpoint that you need to download.

Slideshare solves that problem. It webifies your slides – it makes the experience of viewing them, sharing them with individuals or groups smooth and seamless. You can upload your slides from Powerpoint or OpenOffice (Keynote users will have to save in Powerpoint format for the time being) and Slideshare will render them like this here. You can tag, comment and most of all embed your presentations into your blog or website like this one below.

(Slideshare is still invite only. Add yourself to the invite list or ping me if you would like to take a peek or try uploading your own slides).

More in a few minutes. I just woke up to find that it was already on Techcrunch! I need some coffee before I can write any more :-)

11 thoughts on “Slideshare our new social app is on Techcrunch!

  1. Fantastic concept Rashmi. One can easily make up for all those lost conferences and presentations. The current solution of exporting on complete HTML pages is plain bad.

    Neither downloading the entire slideshow and seeing it in the fullscreen added any worth to the presentation. The compact size, no-nonsense and intutive interface adds to the overall value.

    I loved the concept and I am sure it will be a very useful app.

  2. Embedding ’em into your blog is a brilliant idea – one of those ideas that when you see it makes you react “Well, of COURSE” (this is a good thing!!!).

    Can’t wait to try it…

  3. I love your service. Nice job. I have already posted you presentation on my blog. I would like to keep some slides private and I don’t see the setting.

  4. Lee, Currently, there is no way to keep slides private. We are considering it, but for the time being only upload slides that you want to share publicly.

    Steve – thanks for the kind words! Feedback is very welcome.

    Ankit: You can actually full screen within the slideshare site. Click on the button on the bottom right of the slide player.

  5. This is an amazing site. I also really dig the Designing for Social Sharing preso you did. Here’s a crazy thought. Flickr is for images, Youtube is for video, you folks are now doing the same thing for Powerpoint. Imagine if someone did this for flash based games?

    Anyway – this is some seriously great stuff!

  6. Hi Rashmi,

    I have been a reader of your blog for almost a year now…just never got around to writing. Slideshare has just prompted me to do so. Does this mean seeing immediate value in a product prompts immediate interaction, while long term benefits tend to delay the interaction….or it could mean I was just lazy :-)

    Anyway, I am a marketer and a university lecturer on the Canadian east coast and found Slideshare to be a great idea. I have seen some clunkier versions out there, and they are usually bundled with too many other features. Slideshare seems to be focused and clean.

    I’d love to try it out. So I would really appreciate it if you put me on the list. (I won’t add myself to the list just so I don’t clutter up your system with dupe records).

    Thanks …for slideshare and some amazing reading over the last few months



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