Slideshare now open to all!

Two days ago, we passed one of our major milestones: Slideshare is out of the invite-only phase. You can view, share slideshows without needing a login. You do need a login for uploading, but you can sign up anytime – you no longer need an invitation to the system.

We have geared up for this – servers have been added to the cluster. So, bring out those rusty old presentations and give them a new lease of life.

Several people have emailed us asking about Keynote imports. Thats something we are looking into. Audio is another thing that is we have heard a lot about – and we are considering.

In the meantime, I continue to be amazed by the types of content that keeps pouring into Slideshare. Here are some examples: a teacher who uploaded her lecture. The Dreamforce conference that shared 50 presentations. Ministers sharing sermons. Photographers sharing beautiful pictures. Cartoonists uploading cartoons that work in a slideshow format.