Heading to India and Singapore

I am heading to India on the 21st. I will be in Delhi till the 30th. I will stop in Singapore on the way back for both family and work. I have not been back to India for a year and half, so this trip was long overdue. Apart from catching up with friends and family, I am really looking forward to working on Slideshare with the rest of the team. We have been hiring and I yet to meet (in person) some of our team members, so this will be great. I will be rather busy, but do ping me if you are in Delhi and want to meet up.

Looking forward to enjoying some gorgeous Delhi November weather and eating lots of Indian food!

4 thoughts on “Heading to India and Singapore

  1. Philip, I did check out the schedule of Foss.in. Seemed like the program was full…

    Gaurav, yes, would definitely love to get together.

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