Slideshare is in Business Week!!!

Business WeekThey had interviewed Jon some time back, so we were expecting it. But its still great knowing that mainstream media are starting to write about the “dinky little startup” as Nicholas Carr called us. We also crossed a major milestone in terms of site statistics today (cannot share the figures yet!), but it was pretty exciting for us.

I am not in the US right now, so cannot get hold of a copy of Business Week easily (its in the Dec 18th edition) – but I did fork over $45.97 to buy an online subscription to look at the article. This is what they wrote.

Have I Got A PowerPoint For You (Business Week, Dec 18th)
In the beginning, there was MP3 sharing. Then came friend sharing (MySpace), photo sharing (Flickr), and video sharing (YouTube). Now it has come to this: PowerPoint slide sharing. offers a place to upload, view, and search for PowerPoint presentations. And since opening up its beta site in October, it has received tens of thousands of files…

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