Second Delhi Barcamp this weekend!

delhi barcampThe second Delhi BarCamp is this weekend! I am excited that I will be around for this one. Since the first BarCamp in India (which was in Delhi earlier this year), there have been a number of Barcamps around the country.

Coincidentally (or maybe because its great weather for a conference) there are a number of BarCamps in December. There was BarCamp Bangalore last weekend. BarCamp Pune and BarCamp Hyderabad are the weekend after.

I think BarCamps are helping foster a type of informal local techie network that India has never had. Yes, there are the alumni networks of the IIT’s and the other tech institutions, but very little in the way of local networks. From what I hear, a lot of Delhi techie folks feel that they have met many others since the first BarCamp.

Another thing that I am happy to see is that designers/usability folks are regularly showing up to these BarCamps – hopefully these informal connections will sow the seeds of many collaborations and well-designed products! (Check out the number of design related presentations in both Delhi and Bangalore BarCamps.)

I am thinking of giving a talk on designing for social sharing with a focus on media sharing and tagging. Does this topic sound interesting, is there another topic you would like to hear about? Post a comment below in either case.

And check out the growing collection of BarCamp slideshows on Slideshare!

5 thoughts on “Second Delhi Barcamp this weekend!

  1. I would like someone to throw light on why India doesn’t have a global product despite so many product companies existing today. There are many products which are created just by one developer and they are known wold over but why is it that our country doesnt have one product to be proud about!

  2. I was there at barcampdelhi2 this past weekend and listened to your talk, you did a great job.

    There is one comment I have regarding one of your slides that had a linkedin standard invite in there. From your talk, I understand that you are not very fond of linkedin as a social network. Here’s a recent post on ventureblog regarding linkedin which you might find interesting.

    Not that I am associated with linkedin in any way, but being an entrepreneur myself, often at times you need to reach certain people in certain companies whom you don’t know yourself, but someone who you know, might know … linkedin really proves helpful in business cases like these.

    So just like you mentioned, in a social network people communicate over an object, in the case of linkedin, that object is business development.

  3. Varun,

    I use LinkedIn myself and find it useful in some ways. My critique was that it feels artificial. It does not feel natural to connect with linkedin. Its not like walking upto someone you run across and saying Hi. Instead you feel a little bit like you are deliberately trying to network. I am critiquing the artificialness of that interaction not the fact that you are able to connect.

    And I think the objective is business development, not the object. The object is whats between people – what mediates the link between them.

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