Back in the Bay Area, resolutions for 2007

I got back to the Bay Area on the 4th after spending more than a month in New Delhi. I had a really good time working in our New Delhi office and travelling around Northern India. It was the first time I spent more than a week working in India ever (I left India as a student, so never did a job there). It was interesting getting used to working life there. Our Delhi office is a fun place to be, full of energy. If you are in Delhi and want to visit, give a shout.

2006 was a crazy year with the launch of Slideshare. Between Slideshare, MindCanvas and conferences – I feel as I don’t have any time any more. Have hardly blogged in the past few months. Piles of mail left unanswered (apologize if yours has not been answered yet). So here are my 2007 resolutions.

-Manage time better (keep to a todo list)
-Blog at least once a week
-Travel without my laptop at least twice (did not do so even once in 2006!)
-Find lots of great, new music to listen to

I am determined to keep these resolutions. Lets see how that goes.