Heading to the Big Apple this week!

My spate of never-ending travel continues. Tomorrow, I head to New York for the rest of the week. Its some Slideshare, and some MindCanvas related business. And of course, I get to catch up with many of my New York friends who I have not seen in years. While planning this visit, I realized that so many of my good friends, especially from grad school, are all in New York.

My New York geography sucks, but many of my meetings are in Manhattan, near the Times Square area. Ping me if you have something to discuss or just want to say hi. And there are some plans to meet up with some UX types folks on the evening of Thursday the 22nd if you want to join that. (Email me for details if interested).

RIght now, I am enjoying my day before travel. Everytime I have to leave, I realize just how much I enjoy just being in the office, wandering over to my favorite cafe. Nothing like constant travel to let you realize the value of what you have!