Twitter and the intermingling of our streams of consciousness

I looked at my Twitter webpage yesterday and it occurred to me that I was seeing the streams of consciousness for several of my friends mixed together. Its somewhat strange, because a stream of concsiousness is such a personal thing. But inhibitions have droppped sufficiently, and technology has made it sufficiently easy that people post short updates about whatever is happening with them. And I do mean “whatever”. One person might be partying while the other is deciding what to eat and a third person is simply bored. And Twitter presents it as a linear stream organized by time.

It makes some sense when one is in the same place: e.g., at SXSW it was often activities related to SXSW. But geographically dispersed tidbits are somewhat bizarre to say the least. But at the same time, strangely addictive…

I have just been using Twitter for about 5 days now, so its too early to say more. I have mostly been using the web interface. While at SXSW, I turned Twitter notifications on my cell phone twice. Both times, I turned it off within a few hours, because I just could not deal with the constant beeps on my cell. Its fine when you check the web at your own pace (even if it might be every few minutes) and all your messages, but I simply cannot deal with the constant interruption on the cell phone.