All roads lead to search (and advertising)

Though my beginning is this field was with search, in recent years, I have not focused on it. Expect that to change, as we increasingly focus on search with SlideShare. A huge part of what we are doing is to webify the content locked up in powerpoint and other presentation files. Webifying the content means enabling it to be found by anyone who might be interested. It means search. We realize that our search sucked (there is no other way to describe it) and we did not want users to wait while we fixed it. So, the first step was simply to outsource the problem to Google – meaning use their custom site search. However, this is simply a starting point. We expect to come back and build other types of advanced search more suited to the specific nature and format of the content on SlideShare.

The second issue I am increasingly interested in is Advertising. As you can imagine, that is something we are playing around with on SlideShare. We want to get more experimental – trying more formats and placements – both with Google ads (which we currently have and on our own) and on our own.

So readers, what blogs should I start reading as I pursue this interest? Are there any books/articles that are a must read?

5 thoughts on “All roads lead to search (and advertising)

  1. Rashmi, I’ve been hearing great things about OmniFind (Yahoo and IBM’s joint venture). I wonder if you’ll be considering it for SlideShare?

  2. Lou, we had so far been hearing good things about Lucene. I have heard of OmniFind but don’t know of anyone actually using it.

    Someone just emailed me and told me about Yahoo search builder: I believe it was released very recently.

    Are there any other choices out there?

  3. Rashmi,I think Omnifind is based on Lucene to some degree. You might talk with Rich Wiggins, who you met at the IA Summit, about OmniFind; he’s using it at Michigan State U.

  4. How will you balance your investments between support for (reactive) search and discovery?

    In other words, yes, when I’m searching for thoughts on a specific subject, search is clearly the way to go. I’ve not had any problem with slideshare search.

    Here’s how I’d like to use Slideshare. I’d like to be able to tag the decks I like. I’d also like to be able to explore the tag collections of other users, identify users whose tagging behavior matches mine, and then subscribe to an RSS feed of their tagging behavior.

    Apologies if I’ve missed something. It seems all I can get is a feed for the use of a tag all up — it’s application by everyone/anyone. That’s too noisy for me.

    Anyway, the service is great. Despite my misgivings about the tag implementation slideshare remains a great source of ideas.

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