Ads, low-fat yogurt, ads and women’s bodies

There I got your attention, didn’t I? A post about a yogurt ad campaign on a friend’s blog caught my eye: Its almost an anti Dove’s real beauty campaign – the message being “forget it, men’s preferences will never change. So eat light yogurt”. Advertising campaign is from a Brazilian yogurt company. Interesting discussion follows. (yes, I did find some of the women in the advertising campaign very beautiful).

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One thought on “Ads, low-fat yogurt, ads and women’s bodies

  1. hi rashmi,

    Let me introduce myself and the purpose of writing this.I write this to comment/ present my analysis of a feature in slideshare… i’d like to know your view on this.

    My name is vinay , I am a passout from IIT guwhati dept of design. I had interviewed with you once in dec when i was switching and looking for a job. :)

    I am working for a mobile products company and we are doing a research for community building and social interactions in rural areas thru mobile phone. In that context i read your presenatation on “social IA” at slideshare.

    I just had a question ….. why did u guys give the not available for download feature ….. i’d say thatz also pyschology playing…..and a social interaction feature …. this is how …

    everyone whu knows well enough about the internet …..knows that once he/she puts something on the net, it can be easily copied …for eg : if i really need a slide show and any of the users refuse to give it i can do a print screen and get all of the slides …..

    so all tht you guys are doing is making copying slides more painful by allowing a “not available for download”

    I think it serves two purposes…. it helps the user/ slide uploader feel safe ( though actually he isn’t safe) …..second it fosters more use of slide share … if i need to contact sumone, i have to go to his slidespace and then messg him …to messg him i need to sign up into slide share :)

    i think the small feature of not allowing downloads is actualy making many ppl sign up …..
    for eg : i haven’t signed up yet so if need a slide quickly i just take a print-screen …but its a painful job so i am going to sign up now …. if u wud have made all slides for download tht wud’ve lessened signups same with others if u wud have allowed all downloads …then it wud have made ppl insecure in the 1st place they wudn’t post on slideshare …..

    i don’t know if u guys realy thought all this before putting tht small feature …. and it if this feature is helping u ore than hampering you …

    i’d like to do some maths and know wat log / web analysis tells u how many users to ur site take this path a and how many path b…..

    path a

    click on not available for download….then click on user who has posted the slide then click on message user and then clik on sign up ….

    vs path b

    users click on not available for download …. then they close or drop off slide share ?

    i think comparing path a vs path b would help u decide wat to do …..
    now here again therez a lotta math

    say u find users take path b ….. but still u decide to retain the feature …. coz u say that those users who just drop off are not serious slide share users ….and u wud rather target one dedicated user whuz loyal to ur product and contributes to the community …rather than tapping all users and just getting more hits but not improving community in the long term ….

    i think its an intersting problem involing design social interaction and a lot of maths and web log analysis….

    i’d really like to know your comments ….my apaologies if the mail was too long …but there was no other way i cud present / dicuss the situation in a shorter more concise way…..


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