Guy Kawasaki, Hal Varian and Ross Mayfield are SlideShare advisors

All of them have been informally advising us for a while and I am thrilled that they are joining our board of advisors.

Jon and I met Ross at one the early BarCamps and find him a great mix of a pragmatic entrepreneur and deep thinker. He has been involved with us from before the launch (in fact, he was one of the first people we showed SlideShare to. He got the concept immediately). His advise has been invaluable.

I met Guy Kawasaki last year at one of his Art of the Start conferences. We worked with him on the first SlideShare contest and what impressed me most is his ability to connect with people beyond the blogosphere. He is truly a people’s man. Wait till you other reflections of his involvement.

I have known Hal the longest – since my days at UC Berkeley and consider him a mentor. Hal who is now Chief Econoomist at Google is without doubt once of the most brilliant minds I have come across. You can discuss any issue with him, and he will give you his unique perspective, thinking on a broad systems level, helping you see the issue from angles you had never considered (take his perspective on the ipod)

Its its a big deal personally that they have come on board. Some of their involvement will be more visible from the outside than at other times. But we have already benefited from each of their involvement. My advise to people putting together startups – get great advisors who have strengths that your company needs.