Dude, where’s your Facebook app?

This is the new line in parties. Its replacing “whats your Web2.0 startup?” At a recent party, everyone had a Facebook app, many had multple Facebook apps. Some were still working on theirs (the laggards!). This is the new land grab. If you want to be noticed, then hurry.

I had heard of this entrepreneur in the making, an ambitious woman planning an eBay of services. Recently I heard that she had changed tack and was working on a vampires and werevolves application for Facebook. I went to a conference to hear RockYou speak and learnt that their most popular application was “Horoscopes”. Another friend has launched several facebook applications with the latest being “Am I Virgin or not” application. He is thinking of several more along similar lines.

Its viral for viral’s sake. The point is not to create a cool, useful app and make it viral. The point is to create an app that is viral to begin with. The logic often seems to be – “once I get all the Facebook users using my viral game, I will use that to lure them to my website/other application“. And how will you make money? Who knows? As Paul Kedrosky puts it, Silicon Valley has never cared about revenue anyway :->

So what’s your Facebook app?

2 thoughts on “Dude, where’s your Facebook app?

  1. You know, I can’t help but think that is an awful amount of noise to signal. Of course I can’t keep my personal preferences out of this, but considering the basis for Facebook, essentially a who’s who of an exclusive community, I think that they are really deviating from what they began as.

    I, for one, will not be making a Facebook app.

    That I can think of at the moment, at least. ^_^

  2. Seeing all the junk out there, I tried to actually create a _useful_ application — a to do list, similar to the task list in Outlook.

    Will this be able to cut through the noise of stuff like “Superwall”, “X-Me”, “Aquarium” and the like? Hard to say :)

    I’d love to hear your feedback. It’s at: http://apps.facebook.com/todo_list/

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