Slidecasting as a general way to synch web audio and visuals

Jay Feinberg articulated much better than I did in my previous post, what the implications of slidecasting are. He tried to post this as a comment, but turns out my commenting system was broken.

One comment about the web and audio: there is a standard, or, at least, emerging standard, way to connect together multiple segments of audio: the playlist (and the XSPF standard playlist format). And, a slideshow seems very similar to a playlist in the way that you have discreet elements stiched together to form a linear presentation.

From a music / arts perspective, I would imagine that the most interesting possibilities would be the most web-like, e.g., that any one slide could connect to any playlist of multiple audio tracks, any one audio track could connect with any presentation of multiple sides, or one audio track could just connect with one side.

I think what you’re doing could be a good step forward toward a more standard way to do sync’d multimedia online.

Exactly! What we have built is a general way of remixing audio and visual streams. The visual information is chunked (by the slide). You map this to an audio track or multiple audio tracks (this would be an easy extension). The creative possibilities are endless, e.g., storytelling, or a remixed Martin Luther King speech (embeddedbelow).

A remixed speech

Visual Storytelling

One thought on “Slidecasting as a general way to synch web audio and visuals

  1. One of the interesting things about the audio playlist community, is that they’ve thought a lot about the possibilities of linear communication in the hypertext / World Wide Web context. And, Slideshare suggests a similar kind of thinking, coming from the slide presentation context.

    The connecting of slides and audio, to me, is an excellent opportunity to explore the “web” potential of audio / visual communication. For example, with slidecasting, we might imagine someone taking all of the presentations from a conference and remixing them into a best-of / highlights summary presentation. And, that kind-of thing could be really exciting and, not only be a new “format,” but really become a new “medium.”

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