Is My Questions the most spammy Facebook app?

To me, without doubt it is the “My Questions” app. So many times I have been tricked into checking out questions that friends have asked, only to find that they never asked the question and are confused why it was asked on their behalf. This just happened to me. I logged into Facebook and found that a friend had answered my question. Nice, except that I never asked a question.

While Facebook is becoming more and more a part of my daily life, I am really wary of spammy apps like My Questions.

What is the app that you find most spammy on Facebook?

9 thoughts on “Is My Questions the most spammy Facebook app?

  1. > What is the app that you find most spammy on Facebook?

    Facebook. Down with “XX added you as a friend!” messages. I don’t want to be friends with everybody.

  2. All the social tagging apps I find pointless and just there to expose you to adverts and variosu rogue embedded sites. I’m just a little sick of the vampire bites, the drinks, the food fights, pokes (WTF is that for) and the other email notification. To the point that all but join and group notifications I have disabled. I’m just fed up with the as you put it facebook spam. It was fun at first, now its waste of my time and effort.

    Yeah, I’m on facebook. I don’t login that much, Maybe once every two weeks. Why, well I have to go login. Every time I stop the session by shut down the browser means I have to login again. And frankly I just can’t be bothered going through the process. If I was left logged in I would visit every day.

    Also consider why should I extend information and play the spam games with in a walled garden in favour of extending my blog.

  3. Hey, you are right, Rashmi. It happened to me as well. I keep getting this spam mails abt question i have never asked..i ws on verge of dwnloading this application..then came this standard facebook question…do u want to give access to you info..and disclaimer that facebook has nothing to do with it..I stopped rght there..after dat i doscovered i was getting more mails for my questions..more dey spam, more i distrust..

  4. hey.. havnt used this site stil.. but since u hav rang the bell, i guess i wudnt touch it.. LOl..

    one quick confirmation.. did u attend the dcamp in bangalore coz i saw someone like u but not sure whether it was u.. :Psom

  5. Oh it’s My Questions, without a doubt.

    Like you, I installed it to answer a question from a friend… that’s assuming they actually asked it.

    It wasn’t until friends started writing to me about ‘whether or not they kissed on a first date’ that I realised something was wrong!

    I was so embarrassed that people would think I would ask such a question on facebook!

    So naturally I un-installed it immediately, and now I’m really reluctant to add anything.

  6. My Questions is just one amongst quite a few poorly behaved apps.

    My initial enthusiasm for FB apps has definitely cooled and I am now judisciously vetting new FB apps. Very few get all their feature boxes ticked.

  7. I initially liked some of the FB’s apps. However, now they are multiplying so thick and fast, I ignore all requests. I don’t have time and I don’t see the purpose of it at all.

    Actually, I am really wondering whether Facebook is worthwhile at all – apart from joining the odd group.

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