Heading to Sydney for Web Directions South & OZ IA Summit

Tonight Jon and I are catching a flight to Sydney for Web Directions South. I am doing the keynote for the conference, speaking about “The perils of popularity“. This talk is a riff on social design, popularity driven navigation of the web and the tussle between hit-culture and democratic participation on the web. Jon will be talking about Flash and AJAX and how to use them in a complementary fashion.

I am also talking at the OZ IA Summit this weekend about the lessons learned from the design of SlideShare.

If you are a reader of this blog in Sydney and want to say hi, drop me a line. Or if you are going to be at either of the two conferences, then come by and say Hi.

3 thoughts on “Heading to Sydney for Web Directions South & OZ IA Summit

  1. Hi Rashmi,

    I really enjoyed your presentation at OzIA. As I said to you afterwards, I think one of the main reasons you could break the rules is because you know the rules so well.

    Lovely to meet you too!

  2. Hi Rashmi,
    I wasn’t sure how to contact you – so sorry for the random comment on your blog!

    I’m coming to your workshop at FOWA this week. I just wanted to know – do we need to bring a laptop to participate?


  3. Hi Rashmi,
    I’m saying hi retrospectively. I met you at the Web Directions drinks on Friday night. I’ve just put up some photos on Flickr (on right sidebar of my blog) – including one of your presentation. I didn’t take that many photos of the conference all up. Hope you manage to recover somewhat before heading off to London.

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