“4 hour workweek” is for those who don’t love what they do

At the recommendation of a friend, I picked up the copy of “4-hour workweek” that had been languishing on my bookshelf. While its an interesting read, I think I disagree with one of its central messages. Tim Ferriss mentions this again and again – what he does for fun and profit are two different things. I try to live my life so that there is lot of overlap between what I do for fun and profit. I did science because I enjoyed it, I did user experience design because product design is fun. And I run SlideShare, because there is nowhere else I would rather be at this moment.

That being said, I am more convinced by Ferriss’s second message – don’t micromanage, and free yourself of the details. You can have a lot more time in the day if you do that. As SlideShare grows, this is something I need to do better. Its simply impossible for me to be involved in every detail and I need to hand over more responsibilities.

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BayCHI panel on Advertising User Experience on Tuesday, October 9th

This Tuesday’s BayCHI program should be very interesting. We will focus on different types of online advertising including post rolls, overlays, and content as advertising. The focus will be on what types of advertising users find intrusive, what they are are willing to put up with and engage with, and what new types of advertising we are likely to see.

Panelists include Jeremy Liew from Lightspeed Venture Partners who focuses frequently on advertising on his blog. Ted Rheingold from Dogster will talk about his experiences managing advertising on community sites, Heath Row from Double Click will focus on content as advertising, while Joe Hurd will share Video Egg’s experiences with video advertising.

Go here for more information, and optionally RSVP here. BayCHI programs are free and open to the public, so come by!