Are you going to be at the Girk Geek dinner?

The first Bay Area girl geek dinner is shaping up to be awesome. Angie Chang the organizer has done an awesome job in pulling it together, and I hope its the beginning of many such events.

I love the fact that the event is open to women and their male guests. Men need to be invited by a woman :->. Angie tells me that the event is now closed (was full several times over, they had to move to a larger venue).

I will be speaking on a panel along with Katherine Barr, Leah Culver, Irene Au, and Sumaya Kazi.

If you are going to be at the dinner, then do come by and say Hi. And drop a line in the comments here.

6 thoughts on “Are you going to be at the Girk Geek dinner?

  1. Alas, I am not going to be there!
    3 reasons:
    1) I am in India
    2) I am not a girl nor a geek
    3) I am not a male any girl geek has invited!

    Anyways best wishes for all you girl geeks and the dinner and your speech. Serious.

    r u planning to post your speech as a slidecast in slideshare and make it private only for girl slideshare users? :-> just a thot! LOL!!!

    and what if I register afresh as a ‘girl’ and gatecrash into your private slidecast/forum
    again just a thot! :->

    Have a good time.Seriously.

  2. I’m always the last to hear about these things — of course, long after any deadline has passed! Will there be any presentations or recordings to view later?

  3. Sorry I missed this. It wound up overlapping with a Socialtext f2f meeting where all the distributed people came into Palo Alto.

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