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Ever so often the topic comes up of women speaker at conferences. All of us notice the small number of women (especially speakers) at tech conferences. I hear such discussions, but so far have been a silent observer. This time, I felt like I had to do something.

And its not just at tech conferences, I was just at a venture conference in New York, and the proportion of women (even women attendees) was even smaller than at tech conferences.

We feature presentations on the SlideShare homepage everyday. It drives a fair bit of traffic and conversation. From now on, every Wednesday, we will make it a special point of featuring women speakers. So if you are a woman who speaks at conferences (or want to speak at conferences), please upload your presentations to SlideShare and tag them “womanspeaker“. We will look here when we feature presentations on Wednesday.

Also, please complete your profile so we can see who you are. Tagging your presentation does not guarantee you will be on SlideShare homepage, we will look at everything with the tag and make an editorial judgment. But this tag will help identify women speakers for everyone (especially conference organizers) and I am personally (and publicly) committed to highlighting it in every way I can.

Please pass this on to your friends and colleagues. Ask them to tag themselves “womanspeaker”.

7 thoughts on “Women speaker Wednesdays on SlideShare

  1. This is great Rashmi — and I think a good start. I also support your point that, just because you’ve tagged a slideshow with “womanspeaker” you won’t necessarily be featured — it isn’t that gender alone is enough to justify being featured — but that there needs to be more opportunities (like this one!) to provide the limited number of female speakers who have earned it — and are earning it — more visibility!

  2. I read this post last night and tagged my preso. I think it’s a great idea. Imagine my delight when I got an email saying I had been spotlighted. It was definitely and encouragement. Thanks for doing this and putting it together!

  3. Hi Rashmi:

    Just came onboard Slideshare.net though I registered 7/24/08 … had no idea what you are all about … I wish I had met you in New York on your last trip. Am tagging on to womenspeakers in order for further communications via the Internet.

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