Sleeping through the launch of SlideShare mobile app

Last night we went out for St Patrick’s day and I completely forgot that our mobile app was being launched. I woke up this morning to check my feeds and realized that the app had been launched, was generating a bit of enthusiasm, and had been TechCrunched – all while I was sleeping!

This is the day every startup founder lives for – when smart, capable folks are taking the ownership for the app. I am lucky that we have such an awesome team! As you might have read the SlideShare mobile app was a skunkworks project – some of SlideShare team members decided to build a mobile app for Yahoo hackday. They started building it, rest of team pitched in as needed, and pretty soon it was ready to launch.

Thanks Kapil, Prasanna, Mani, Bhups, Cju, Ashwan, Arun and the entire team!

11 thoughts on “Sleeping through the launch of SlideShare mobile app

  1. Rashmi, this rocks! I love that your team started something on a lark that turned into a meaningful product and that you’ve delegated enough to a smart team that you could sleep through it.

  2. The teams effort will surely see fruitful results. Slideshare has already become a revolution. I have more than 20 slides in my profile and I have created many slides as guest. I really enjoy your posting presentation on slideshare. Great to see the team in action again on new applications.

  3. I read about you in an italian newspaper and I’d like to add you on my LinkedIn network, but since I do not know you and your email you may add me if you find my profile interesting.

  4. As an aside, what are your thoughts on scaling up a social startup?
    I co-founded a non-profit called FastForwardIndia (http://www.fastforwardindia) in 2006 with an intention to help the underpriveleged children using the motivation of college students. We started a computer literacy project in a small city in India and later expanded it to the local prison (for prisoners). However, we are not quite clear about how to make it scalable and sustainable? Should we build a revenue-generating model that will grow on its own? Not being based in India (I work in the bay area, ca) is another challenge.

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


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