Why Google is acquiring DocVerse or the Microsoft – Google web office battle heats up

Interesting news today – Google, which has been on a buying spree recently is acuiqring a startup in the Office document space called DocVerse. The startup was founded by Microsoft veterans, and lets people collaborate on the web, from within Office documents itself.

The reason is not hard to understand – Google is going headlong into competition with Microsoft Office, and having an effective way to share documents from within Office itself will hit Microsoft hard.

Right now, many companies (including the SlideShare team) use both Google docs and Microsoft Office. We use Microsoft Office for the richer documents that don’t need to be worked on by many people. And we use Google docs for documents that have multiple owners and need to be edited all the time. Having a way to share documents in Google apps, while from within office itself, might get a lot more people using Google docs simultaneously, making a final switch easier.

In the meantime, Google will keep making docs richer and faster, obviating the need for Microsoft Office.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to this. They keep making noises in the web sharing of office documents, but I don’t think any of those initiatives have really gained traction. They have however, not made any acquisitions in the space, which is interesting.

If memory serves me right, this is the fourth startup in the Office space that Google is acquiring. The others JotSpot, Zenter, (there was one more startup which had plugin for PowerPoint – whose name I forget).

Will be interesting to watch the next moves in this epic battle.

4 thoughts on “Why Google is acquiring DocVerse or the Microsoft – Google web office battle heats up

  1. Nice post, Rashmi! It’ll be really interesting to see how the document collaboration space finally shapes up. Personally, I like all three MS Office, Google Docs, and Slideshare for their strong points:

    MS Office–Rich (desktop) document authoring
    Google Docs–Easy collaborative authoring n sharing
    Slideshare–Easy sharing of read-to-share docs with an wider audience

    What would really take the all this to the next level is a platform that combines the strengths of all the above three.


  2. This is all very well and good. Think about how difficult it is to have someone sit over your shoulder and edit/write/discuss a Word document with you? Shouldn’t we improve the way we do this before we get all excited about Word Web Wrangling?

  3. Great Post. So many companies are still using Microsoft word and struggling with sharing documents. I imagine more will adapt to these new programs available in the future. Google seems to be coming up with so many new projects. I’m sure in the future Google will be competing in many more markets.

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